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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Auto Service & Entertainment

Automobile industry has always been projected in poor light by media in very many forms.

Some classic examples are

1. Fight Scene pictured at a Workshop & All the Mechanics fight against the Hero
2. Worker at a workshop getting into anti-social activites

1989, a Tele - Serial in Kannada on DD by name "Mechanic Mudda" was telecast. This Featured the life & apathy of a small time mechanic who by circumstances becomes what he is. This Tele- serial featured Master Manjunath (Swami of Malgudi days & The Young Vijay of Agneepath) .

One of the episodes began with "Mudda", being pictured as an employee friendly & more humane boss owning & Operating a Hi-tech Service station. This as the Episode ends is Mudda's "dream service station" & his life time ambition is to own one such service station .

Mudda's Dream Service station happened to be Auto Service.

We allowed Shooting of this Episode only after going thro' the entire script & convinced that the Industry that we love was not being shown in poor light.

All subsequent shooting requests were turned down as scripts of these shoots were not giving due respect to the Automobile Service Industry & bent on portraying an improper image of the same.


Hrishi said...

Wow !
You are a celebrity?

\\Now, where's my autograph book??? :)

Banyan Tree said...

Well this comment it self is a celebrity autograph. Do we need more.

AFAWC we are simple small time repairers.

sameer said...

Venkat, find/post a youtube link of this please.....

Banyan Tree said...

I am on th elook out for the Producer who was an asst to Late Shankar Nag.

Once I am able to catch hold of him, I shall take the entire series from him. I understand that Auto Service was aired Twice in the 13 Episode Serial.