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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Launch preparedness for Pulsar 220

With the launch of Pulsar 220DTSFi round the corner, the first phase readiness for the launch has been taken up.

It begins with the Training of Technicians & Service Advisers.

The list of candidates eligible for training was released by Bajaj Auto ltd.

Whist Most dealers staff have to get only one trained Technician, Auto Service would have two!!.

The list of qualified candidates as per Bajaj auto's Training Schedule is in the link given below.

This move by Bajaj auto is a shot in our arm & Emphasises the Trust Bajaj auto has in our Technical capabilities.


Sandeep said...

so then this the phase where the references from showroom managers et al get to book their bikes but the showroom ppl deny any knowledge till the training is over? i can draw a lot of similarities between this and the p200 bookings. i am not complaining about the process but it leads lot of needless heart ache between folks. . .

Banyan Tree said...

Well not sure about it.

Heart aches, Heart breakes are going to be there for sure!!

This time it would be even more than P-200 for sure.

Sandeep said...

what i mean is that the inherent risk in these soft launches or smoke launches as some ppl call it now, is that it really turns off prospective buyers when rhey realize that the bike they were waiting for all these months was launched without much advertising and that too in very small nos.this means many of those ppl are unaware of bookings . the no of enthusiasts who can track down the evelopments constantly are few compared to the average bike customer who sees ads in media and then gains awareness about the product. soft launches leave these ppl in the by the time they come to know of this produt whatever few bikes were available would have been ssold out mostly to the hardcore enthusiasts . that is not fair. and i am saying this standing on the better side of the fence.; Whatever the reasons for ltd availability there is undisputed angst among customers in this regard.

harsh said...

I too somewhat agree with you Sandeep..but then i should tell you..the people who have got bikes in the first and the second soft launch are not the happiest of the lot..there was a lot of troubleshooting going with the bike..adn this i am talking from the experience of my close friend from Poona..but still hardcore pulsar fans they are..they dont mind..

Treasure Trove said...

I am a first lot P200 owner and am pleased as punch with my bike . But undeniably there are issues with bikes from the I/II lot as you say Harsh , which in no way helps the situation .

The enthusiasts get a bike which is still a RC(Release Candidate in software lingo :D) and the aam janta is still not aware the bike is available ..

Treasure Trove said...

Treasure Trove = Sandeep K Ram ..just my new blogger id .. :D :D

harsh said...

@ Sandeep..just hope for the best with P-220..and hoping for an all black engine..