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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Story of ShotGun- 3

As time Rolled by, these mules were being tested to their limits on road by . The newly formed Bajaj's Cross Functional Team headed by Mr.Pradeep Srivastava started to make headway in the clear definition of the Product.

The road test by customer started to yield results. The Pulsars started to refine & become better products.

Around Oct / Nov 2001 news of the roll out of the Pulsar Twins in Pune started to trickle thro' the press. The Curiosity around the Pulsars began to increase in other Cities. Pune became the Focal point of all the "To be Pulsar Boys", so too for the Competitors of Bajaj.

These were the days Internet was still in its infancy in India. An elite few had access to it most of them being Techies from IT industry. They began to feed trickles of 'hear says' to those who wished to track all possible stories around the Pulsars, mostly nurturing the Pulsar dreams.

As they say, when you open the gates, you'd get both Good & Bad elements, most hear say began to flow. Many had far from truth negativity in them.

Topping the list of was this news on " Some one died of groin Injury while riding a Pulsar"

The Service of these Motorcycles were being carried out in the Specially built Eliminator Enclaves (meant only to Service Kawasaki Eliminators).The Initial failures also started to creep on to the net, so did the Service Woes of the Riders.

However the Word of Mouth Publicity started to move out from the "Physical / Personal" connections to Mailing Groups. One such was BajajPulsar group on Yahoo.

It suddenly Caught the Attention of People inside Bajaj Auto. However there was a small Problem.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Go Green... No way!

While watching an IPL match on Sunday, we just saw a Team swap its color to Green as a part of its Green Initiative. "Go Green" Was the mantra which they were chanting

We at Auto Service, have always been Green. It starts with our Logo "The Banyan tree" Which has been Green to the place we work which has 3 Fruit yielding Jack fruit Trees, 5 Coconut & one Teak wood trees.

With a small water body surrounded by lush green grass we probably are the only "Ever Green" Automobile workshop in the city, more so when people are cutting their lawns to extend their living space.

So is it Go Green ? Noways..... Its "Always Green" for us

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Avenger Side covers.... Some more designs

Few co ordinates put up for avenger Side covers.

Please use Auto Service's face book page to like your designs.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Story of ShotGun- 2

Early next day a telephonic conversation with Pushu, clarified that the motorcycle I rode a 150cc & a 180cc variant was available too.

Both 150 & 180 looked alike which sounded strange to us, whilst

Few days later, Pushu called to inform me that he was dispatching a 180 cc Pulsar to Auto Service as it was in an accident.

The reasons why this Pulsar was headed to Auto Service were

1. Wanted to maintain secrecy of the accident

2. Was not confident of the capabilities of his team

This silver 180 landed in vehicle ferry truck.

The damages were

  1. . Bent fork & Crash guard
  2. 2. Broken headlamp
  3. 3. Bruised handle bar weights
  4. 4. Broken clutch lever & Yoke

The damages to the accident indicated that there was a 90o impact . The Size of the impact gave us an insight of the capabilites of the motorcycle & its Raw Power.

Whilst Bent parts were straightened, handle bar weights painted, broken levers replaced with Caliber’s, The Polarized Glass sporting Head lamp posed a challenge as there were non readily available in the market. The Search teams at Auto Service went into a over drive with Shop to Shop search, eventually to land up with a retro glass belonging to a 1950 model Norton motorcycle. We had to buy it at a premium, which honestly was “Illogical” but was the necessarily required for the moment

This was probably the first ever Pulsar to be repaired outside the factory / factory environment.

Personally I used this Silver monster (for those days standards) for a few days & the same is currently stationed at Bajaj auto’s Training centre @ Peenya.

Few days later , we got a Purple 180 for my Brother in law who rode a competitor 150cc motorcycle, a Red 150 was delivered to my cousin who rode another brand of 150cc with the following conditions

  1. 1. Report back every issue that they faced
  2. 2. Get back to dealers only for corrections
  3. 3. Attend customer meets
  4. 4. Allow factory to carry out necessary checks / changes when required.

The customer meets were being held meticulously every fortnight & most owners attended them.

Whilst both of them were very happy with the Power & performance of the bike, there were a few niggles which were a matter of concern.

The 150 sported a front drum brake & a self-starter; whilst the 180 sported an open chain, front disk brakes. The tip of the Iceberg was “My Cousin sister ended up greasing her Kanchi silk sari” which incidentally was my gift to her during her wedding.