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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Some thing different is comming up. Watch this space from 02April'2011

As Posted Earlier, due to technical reasons we were forced to post pone.

All actions seem to be starting on 06 April'11

We now edit this to post that the Action has begun today....

Austin 7 Hard Top

This car is a piece of history.... We now have begun restoration work on the same.

The Marquee being loaded onto a flatbed truck

Update :

The Engine bay area, floor board etc were inspected closely. Following are some of the pictures

The Engine is completely jammed. This calls for complete engine rebuilding to start with

Though every thing seems to be in place, they are not functional. They need to be looked into in full detail to make them functional.

Trafficator switches & other things seem to be in place, however they need to be generously sprayed with anti-rust liquids before we begin any work on This Austin.

Incidentally the Hard top model is called Austin 7 "Ruby"