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Friday, June 29, 2007

Auto Service Host Bangalore Service Meet

On 26th June'2007 Auto Service hosted a meet of all Bajaj Authorised Service Providers of Bangalore.

The List included the Heads of Service Channels from Vehicle Dealers & Owners of Authorised Service Centres , YES (Young Entrepreneur Service),RSO (Rural Service Outlet).

This Event was Organised at the behest of General Manager Service who wanted Service Providers to see the Developments with in the Peer group.

29 Representatives of all Dealer's Service Centres, ASC's, YES's & RSO's meet up at Auto Service to see the Equipments being used.

The Entire Group was Split into two separate teams & were Briefed about each equipment by our Service Ad visors.

They interacted with the Ground staff who work on these equipments every day & clarified all their Questions & doubts.

Few Service Centres had bought a few Vehicles from their Service Centres for repeated trouble Clarifications & rectification of the same at our service centre.
Mr.S.H.Desai, Executive Service, Retail Channel was in charge of the event. A Physical demonstration of the new Equipments was followed with a Presentation by Mr.Venkat Shyam, who Shared the Financial implications of this new equipments &these help in building better quality into Service.

This Was followed by a Presentation by Oil Major M/s Castrol India's, Executive Mr.Pramod Rao Explaining Various Support schemes for equipments & Insurance Major M/s Bajaj Allianz's Mr.Ghani Babu putting up proposals for improving Profitability of Workshops, which is a major cause for concern.

Every Participant Expressed their views & interacted freely with every one.
We hope that this event would build Quality Service with in the Authorised Service Channel of Bajaj in Bangalore.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Share Your Moments of glory with us & many more

At Auto Service Celebration of Motorcycling never ends.

We now dedicate a small hoarding to this very Motorcycling Spirit.

Your moment of Glory:

Your moment of Glory is when the Lens man inside you celebrates this spirit by capturing a great Picture. Auto Service would select this picture & blow up on the hoarding & celebrate it with you and the hundreds of customers who walk in to our workshop by showcasing it.

What it needs

A well composed Picture with effective backdrop, could either be a still shot or an action shot & more specifically should have a Bajaj Brand of motorcycle in it.

The Picture should be of high quality & blowup.


All the photo entries would be selected by a set of riders & the same would be communicated across to all who send it.

Moment of Glory:

Once the Hoarding with your Picture is up, We would request you to come to Auto Service & have a Photo shoot of yourself beside the hoarding & the same would get here on this blog. Once on blog, it would be there permanently with your Text too.

So don't wait, Please mail in your entries to

Let the Celebration begin!!.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Students of Architecture Visit Auto Service

We are known among many colleges & faculty for our support to college educational project works.

This time around we were in for a pleasant surprise, When over 25 Architecture students from SIT, Tumkur paid a visit to Auto Service in search of an ideal place to base their next project work.

The Students were divided into two batches & were conducted around the workshop by our Service Advisors. The students interacted for over an hour with the Staff members & tried to understand the intricacies of a Simple work shop.

This Was followed by a personal Interaction with Mr.Venkat Shyam, who answered all the detailed queries raised by the students of architecture.

At the End the students Expressed their Impressions & surprised with the Quality of facility.

Their surprise levels rose when we informed that it was designed by an Award winning, Internationally renowned Bangalore based Architect who has worked in the French Rivera, Amby valley, NIFT.

The Grand finale was when a few students tried their hand in Testing a few motorcycles on the Multi roller test bench .

Launch preparedness for Pulsar 220

With the launch of Pulsar 220DTSFi round the corner, the first phase readiness for the launch has been taken up.

It begins with the Training of Technicians & Service Advisers.

The list of candidates eligible for training was released by Bajaj Auto ltd.

Whist Most dealers staff have to get only one trained Technician, Auto Service would have two!!.

The list of qualified candidates as per Bajaj auto's Training Schedule is in the link given below.

This move by Bajaj auto is a shot in our arm & Emphasises the Trust Bajaj auto has in our Technical capabilities.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Auto Service & Entertainment

Automobile industry has always been projected in poor light by media in very many forms.

Some classic examples are

1. Fight Scene pictured at a Workshop & All the Mechanics fight against the Hero
2. Worker at a workshop getting into anti-social activites

1989, a Tele - Serial in Kannada on DD by name "Mechanic Mudda" was telecast. This Featured the life & apathy of a small time mechanic who by circumstances becomes what he is. This Tele- serial featured Master Manjunath (Swami of Malgudi days & The Young Vijay of Agneepath) .

One of the episodes began with "Mudda", being pictured as an employee friendly & more humane boss owning & Operating a Hi-tech Service station. This as the Episode ends is Mudda's "dream service station" & his life time ambition is to own one such service station .

Mudda's Dream Service station happened to be Auto Service.

We allowed Shooting of this Episode only after going thro' the entire script & convinced that the Industry that we love was not being shown in poor light.

All subsequent shooting requests were turned down as scripts of these shoots were not giving due respect to the Automobile Service Industry & bent on portraying an improper image of the same.