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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Go Green... No way!

While watching an IPL match on Sunday, we just saw a Team swap its color to Green as a part of its Green Initiative. "Go Green" Was the mantra which they were chanting

We at Auto Service, have always been Green. It starts with our Logo "The Banyan tree" Which has been Green to the place we work which has 3 Fruit yielding Jack fruit Trees, 5 Coconut & one Teak wood trees.

With a small water body surrounded by lush green grass we probably are the only "Ever Green" Automobile workshop in the city, more so when people are cutting their lawns to extend their living space.

So is it Go Green ? Noways..... Its "Always Green" for us

1 comment:

Vamsi said...

Good that AS is not just 'green' (money) minded, but also cares for bikes.