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Monday, May 28, 2007

Customer Opinions

I would say this is the FIRST best authorized service center in India. I have broken down the points as shown below.

Sl No Point % Remarks

1 Friendliness : 100%

2 Behavior : 100% : All the employees are well behaved

3 Attitude : 100%

4 Honesty : 100%

5 Knowledge : 95% : Since even GOD is not 100%

6 Openness : 100% : Openness makes people approachable,
makes people open to learn new techniques

7 Cleanliness : 95% : Cleanliness of the garage or workplace

8 Organized : 100% : Well planned work execution

9 Quality : : Though it is a Perceptive value, Since the all the above parameters fall into place, the quality figure,
automatically sits in place. (Mileage (Fuel economy): People have to realize that mileage Also depends on their riding habits also.)

Automobiles are just not just a bunch which is got just by few fitting things mechanically. It is also about using Engineering for a good the reason. Its also about the techniques used to achieve the same.

Eg: using screw gauges vernier calipers etc to fit things or find out wear etc.

These techniques are well used at Auto Service. I go to them & pose questions about repairing & take their feedback for my Non Bajaj products too(which I currently own & Repair myself).

Who needs technology coming from foreign lands like USA, France, UK etc. There are people in India too, and they need to be encouraged. Auto Service stands very much in the category & they Deserve to be encouraged.

The finest point is, they also encourage others to realise their potential as it is in my Personal case.

I would say they are a cluster of Some of the Honest Indians who are doing Our country proud.

Finally, there are Many Service centres & There is Auto Service - "A culture which is very Apart"

Arvind Belavadi



"Auto Service - A small service station run with an outlook better than those of large Corporations". - Sameer Shisodia

Great Pluses:

* Transparency, straightforward dealings.

* Knowledgeable - from Venkat to every employee

* Willingness to learn and improve is apparent

* Willingness to accept feedback and correct mistakes

* Every guy there is a CRM expert, not just Venkat. Venkat himself has become a friend too!

* Its very employee friendly too, and as a customer, that gives confidence in their commitment.


* Detailed analysis and convincing answers

* Spare bike

* Open discussion of ideas

* Free advice - not just to Bajaj owners!

* The next-big-idea place, even for BAL service strategy :)


Personally :

- found a source of courage, technical help for my Leh dream.

- found a gr8 friend for more than just my bike :)

- went back to Bajaj despite earlier bitterness purely based on brand-Venkat

- very impressed with the breadth of ideas and the zeal with which and the detail in which they're pursued!

- the latest effort to inculcate a sense of self-belief and pride in automobile engg students is inspiring



Sameer Shisodia

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Banyan Tree said...

Sameer Shisodia, a Techie, was working for an MNC,when he called it a day with them. A long ride on the bike made him decide to have his own venture.

He now is a major part of ZIVA's , a start up, under Incubation at IIM, BLR.

True motorcyclist, he rides to relax!!