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Friday, April 22, 2011

Story of ShotGun- 1

2001 April, We were having a Tough time with a Saffire Scooter which had a serious tendency to switch to neutral gear while on the roll in the city. This was creating serious trouble to the user.

On a specific day, We decided to Work on this Saffire Scooter, post working hours & take a long trial in dense city traffic conditions. We set on the road at around 8 pm & rode towards MG road.

Return route was thro' Residency Road, where we were surprised to see Khivraj Motors Workshop open. Out of Inquisitiveness, we drove into their workshop & saw the Entire team, headed by their Current CEO PushpChand Chordia present.

Pushp, walked me towards a lot of new design bikes & informally introduced them to me. All though the tech specs were missing at that point of time, it instantly caught my attention & Imagination. The sheer size of the Petrol tank.... created the Wow effect. In brief, this Motorcycle sounded a departure from the decades long Boring 100 cc designs which we were used to.

Pushu (Pushp) invited to take a closer look at Red bike & Handed over its keys asking me to 'Test ride'. This Motorcycle boasted a Self starter, which created an instant WOW in me. The only input that was given to us was "The bike has very little Petrol".

We set out of Residency Road towards Richmond road, only to be awestruck by it ability to accelerate & availability of Raw Power to be tapped.

The 2 Km ride put us on the list of people who were drooling for this bike.

Upon Return Pushu informed us that the bike was being handed over to users of Competitor bikes for market research & he had about 15 of them in various colors & variants in all to be given. We were asked to refer a few credible known users for this task.

Thus began the crush with the monster.

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niru said...

nice! keep it coming :)