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Friday, April 8, 2011

Non Uniform-ing

Over the last two decades all of us followed a single dress code.

1. Feeling of us being one
2. Brand identity
3. People turn out being smart

This some where was not following the philosophy "No Two customers are alike"

The change had to begin from with in us, it now has begun with the dismantling of uniforms. Today all of us wear dress & colors of our choice. How ever we are connected with the Common Banyan tree Logo above our hearts & AutoService Backing us on the back of our shirts or T Shirts.

With this we feel that the self expression is not curtailed.


Dr Arnob said...

+ you ned to spend only on a logo and not on a shirt :D :P

Individuality has a price!

Venkat Shyam said...

Dear Dr Arnob,

Sir we now have a tie up with an MNC called MAX. Our people are eligible to buy any Shirt / T shirt / Trouser of their choice once every two months & claim the bill. The bill is eligible for full reimbursement.

Hope this puts things in better light

niro said...

awesome strategy!

Venkat said...

Dear Niranjan,

Thank you for the compliment.

Your Patronization appreciated