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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Locate us

Wiki Mapia Coordinates: 12°55'15"N 77°34'11"E

Postal Address

Auto Service
#37, 28th Cross,
Industrial Area,
Banashankari -2 stg,
Bangalore -560 070
Tel: 080 2671 1132/ 2774
Help line: +91 9243 11 2244

Working days & hours:

Closed only on : All Fridays, Festival, Public & National holidays
Work Hours : 8.00 am to 7.00 pm
Lunch Break: 1.00pm to 2.00 pm


Glifford said...

You could include an ask your way approach to get to your place :)

An easy where to get there is the ask-your-way-thru' method!

1. Wherever you are in Bangalore ask for Banashankari Temple.
2. Once you get there ask for 'Monotype' Bus Stop or Brigade Software Park.
3. Once you get there, ask for Advaith Hyundai Service Station.
4. Venkat's Auto Service is opposite this service station.



Invictus said...

auto service has gone downhill these days. Mediocre is the best way to describe them.

Banyan Tree said...

Dear Invictus,

Thank you for your feed back.

We would like to hear more from you on your Service expereince.

Upon hearing from you We would look further into the details & do the needful in the matter.

Please be assured of the best from our end & We are eagerly awaiting to hear from you at the earliest in this matter.

You could also mail us on

thank you

Venkat Shyam

self said...
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Jason Ausie said...
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montrosityPersonified said...

Hi Venkat,

Let me start by telling you that i am a big fan of you :). I would like to share with you an incident at Auto service. I got my bike serviced at your place. It had undergone an accident hence the bill was quite high arnd Rs. 6785. I had given the lady there Rs. 7000 and she returned me Rs 15 in return. As i had not looked at the bill properly, i thought the amount was 6985 and went back to my office happily. Within an hour i got a call from your place, and the lady said that i had paid extra and apologized, and requested me to come back and collect the money. I was deeply touched by the honesty and high values that your employees have. I thought that you would like to know this.


Sayan Chakraborty said...

DO Auto service guys work on bikes other than Bajaj?

Venkat Shyam said...

Sayan hi,

We would to point to the fact that we are authorized to work only on Bajaj, KTM & Kawasaki Motorcycles.

But as a Bike Detailing centre, we would work on the paint detailing on Other Motorcycles too, but not on any mechanical work that needs to be performed.

Vicky said...


Do they service/resolve wiring related problem of bike as well?

rasmit parida said...
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Abhijit said...

Hi Venkat,
I am not too sure if you get this message or not ; but I would like to point out the legendary service of auto service is detoriating day by day. Firstly few of the staffs have brazen attitude as if they are doing favour to their customers and directly refuse to take the vehicle. Secondly I noticed staff shortage. Thirdly my perosnal experience is that I gave the vehicle at 10:30 AM on SUnday but I am yet to receive it today that is tuesday. When called up your stuff said to pick it up on Wednesday. I tried to reach the supervsior after calling several times he di not pick it up. I mean what is wrong with auto service?

Venkat Shyam said...

Abhijit hi,

Could you please pass the vehicle number. Will have it looked into.

At this juncture we would like to admit that we have immense work pressure. At times the service lead times have shot up to 6 days in few instances.

We do feel miserable as there is shortage of talent pool with in us. Most people who appear for jobs don't seem to have the cultural fit & hence not recruited.

Some things are being worked out & would require some time to resolve.

With Respect to Babu not picking calls... I guess it would be after 3.30pm. He'd would be riding right now & would be back post 6pm.

Hope this clarifies

Arun Kumar said...

Hi Venkat ,

I've a pulsar 220 , 2011 model, done 36000 KM till date. And only thing i've changed in my bike is chain sporcket 2 months ago , Now my bike's performance is too bad , Starts Vibrating after 60 kmph and does not goes more than 100 kmph . Pls suggest can you help me . my Contact number is 9986290216.

KingDx said...

Never Again..
I have serviced my Pulsar 220F twice til date in dis service station. first time was free service and as der was no much problem in the bike, i did not get to know abt the kind of service. last week i had given my bike for servicing. and trust me, dey have spoiled my bike... :( der was no starting problem in my bike not even once. but since the day i got bike serviced from here, am facing lots of starting problem. Have to push the start button 3-4 times to get started. its not only with morning starts.. everyday first start will be troublesome.
And earlier only the front fairing was vibrating but after the service, if i go beyond 80, the entire bike vibrates.. Right from fairing to the foot rest everything vibrates. I stay in KR puram.. I thought travelling from KR puram to Banashankari wud be worth to get bike serviced der... but after my dis experience, i have decided, Never again to dis service station.

My bike no KA17-EK-1951

Roshan RK said...

Let me start by telling you that i am a big fan of you :)in taxi service in nagpur . I would like to share with you an incident at Auto service. I got my bike serviced at your place.

Sunil Kumar B V said...

Hi Mr Venkat,
I've had a very bad experience from your service center while servicing Duke 200. Your staff are totally incompetent and the manager Mr Babu doesn't know how to treat customers and only knows to give jazz. On my 8 month old bike it always showed high coolant temp in traffic to which ur mech says that's normal whereas they are supposed to check thermostat and fan and after I fought they check and tell fan may be weak and it ll take weeks to get one. Meanwhile starter coil was changed under warranty and I ws told to pay and will get back in a week but I haven't got my money even after 3 months. Bike chain used to make noise on running till date they couldn't fix and evry time they put lube and charge 120 rs for nothing. It's one of the most pathetic service experience I've had till date and Mr Babu challenges I can't do anything complaining and do wat I want. I also tried calling your number but no response or either switched off. I hv got fed up and haven't gone there post all this and I would need ur help to get my warranty amount back and never return ever again and will also advice the same to others never service here...

Venkat Shyam said...

Dear Mr. Sunil Kumar,

Thanks for your feed back.

Kindly let us when you had called my number.

Please quote full vehicle number too. Thankyou

Murali M said...

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Jimmy Johns said...

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Sujith Ht said...

The Service and the response from the mechanics are going worst day by day.You guys will take the advance booking and if we come and u will say we have too many bikes we cant do it today. ur mechanics say he will take it and if i ask another mechanic he will tel sme other mechanic names..

Jimmy Johns said...
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Rajesh Kumar said...

Hi Venkat! I have a pulsar 220, 2010 model bike. Off late I have been having issues with the bike where neither the service centre our the private service operators have been able to fix it properly. All that is happening is I m ending up posting huge bills. Can I bring my bike to your service centre and get it fixed. Also would like to know if the payment can be done through card?


Venkat Shyam said...

Dear Mr Rajesh Kumar,

To begin with we would like to understand if your bike is FI or Carb

There are some issues with parts availability for some versions which leads to confusion & costs.

Kindly feel free to call me or Babu :9886752936 & elaborate your bikes concerns.


Chandru said...

Hi Mr. Venkat Shyam,

I have a 2007 P200 DTSi that is in need of some regular service as well as repairs.
I'm finding it harder and harder to find reliable mechanics who know about this bike in Bangalore.

Do you have sufficient expertise in your ranks to look at my vehicle?

More specifically I have issues with Engine Oil leakage from Cylinder head, Front disk brake bleeding and rear suspension stiffness.


Venkat Shyam said...

Dear Mr. Chandru,

You could call Mr Babu on +91-98867-52936

I am reachable on Nine two 43 zero 0333seven

Thank you

Soumyajit Sinha said...

Hi Venkat Sir,

I wanted to send you an email regarding my recent grievances but am instead posting it here as I do not have your email address. My vehicle number is KA 05 HU 6157. I've been a regular customer of your's since 3 years.

My honest feedback would be that Autoservice is probably the best engine fine tuners in city but they perform miserably when it comes to mechanical dynamics. And it add to it's woes I find it's because of skill issue and not a will issue.

Having purchased my red NS in 2012, I spent ~ 20k inr every year on it and expect it to be in good shape. 2015 not being an exception. I spent ~ 15k in Sep 2015 (You can check the records to understand what work had been done). I knew that the bike needed more work as there was something terminally wrong with the fork (I haven't ever met with a front facing accident, so i believe it should be fork oil, ball bearing, spring or cone set allignment issue)

So when I left my bike for servicing this January 2016, which cost me another 3k inr; I was really dismayed at the quality of service that i got. And i was disappointed by the failed repeated attempt by Babu & Chetan to fix it. What was even more depressing that when i'd given the bike for service it had a perfect engine tuning and a perfect gear box. The only issue being the handle/fork. When they returned my bike it had engine issues( Chetan changed the air filter), the gear box was struggling like never before and the handle though was wobbling 50% less but that wasn't enough satisfying.

Although Babu looked into it took my bike in for another 3 days, he came back with too little a betterment for satisfaction in the 3 sectors. He said that as my front tyre had eaten up more on the right side(due to my using a bent magwheel for almost a year) the bike was leaning towards the right side. I do not disagree to him completely. But even if he's correct doesn't justify the entire behavior of the bike.

The handles don't feel aligned. The front forks don't feel equally balanced in a standing condition. And although they've changed the fork oil theres a lot of vibration on the handles ie the forks aren't absorbing the jerks.

Now there's another acute problem with Autoservice which has been recently increasing off lately. The mechanics due to some reason (maybe time constraints/ Although i left my bike for 5 & 3 days - still same results) are not able to a thorough root cause analysis of the issue at hand and replacing spare parts irrationally causing recurring costs and operational pain to the customers.

As I said earlier that the fact that it appears more of a skill issue worries me and thus I needed to bring this to your notice as with all due respect, Babu doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in me anymore.

I am going out of town on 4th Feb and would be back around 10th. If you could ensure that they take another close look at it under your supervision (And do the best that's possible with the same tyre/as i cannot purchase a new tyre right away), I would be highly endowed to you.

Soumyajit Sinha

harish rider said...

Hi Venkat Sir
This is a post am writing with lot of regrets for being your valuable customer for the past 6+ years (vehicle no. KA 01 U 5335). Currently I own another vehicle Pulsar 180 (KA 01 HI 4645) Which was taken care of right from the 1 1st service. But was very annoyed every time I ask for a part replacement, it takes a long duration. Say minimum 2 weeks. Recently it was left long for engine replacement which exactly is 39 days as of now. I don't still how many years it will take up to get it done. Mr. Babu is very negligent to answer me. It annoys me a lot. The work process seems to be very careless. People who are responsible for this are truly irresponsible. I hope this will help improve your services.

Edward George said...

Hello sir.

I was searching for the best service center for my Pulsar (220-DTSI) get serviced.
Here i am, wherever i have read people has written your name.
I hope i will not get disappointed.My pulsar 220 is in a very bad condition. The alignment of my bike is not at all balanced. Bike vibrates like hell, no pickup, no smoothness, do not start on mains can only run on (res), sensors are not working, visor is not fixed, it vibrates allot. Only upper light is working and even the direction of the light is not right at all.
I want my bike smooth and powerful like before. I want to make long trips but i am stranded because it gets hot within 15 kms.
Please help me. please tell me the approximate expense and please tell that the alignment of my bike can be fixed or not because wherever i have asked before nobody has ever tried also to do it.
kindly help.
Edward George
ph- 8375031324

pradeep said...

Hi, I have got my pulsar 220 serviced from this Auto service, charges are very high and that too with irresponsibility.

There was water mixed in petrol and thats the reason it was giving weird sound, so they have emptied my petrol tank and cleaned it, do you believe how much they charged to clean the petrol tank- 247 rupee, I am shocked, I dont know whether I should laugh at it or should I register a police complaint for high charges.

can anyone tell if you have experienced or been charges 247 rupee for cleaning the petrol tank???.

Also they have charged 700 rupee as a service charge and then 150 rupee separately for fixing the issue in head light where high beam was not working, they even said they worked on some loose connection in wiring thats it, for this 150 rupee separately aprt for 700 rupee service charge.

guys dont get fooled by seeing hypes of Venkatesh being one of legend bike service provider,

you will be fooled with high charges.

I even told them at the beginning to check mileage issue in my bike , but at the end they said because of lot of bikes they could not check it, do you take these stubborn attitude after paying 700 rupee as service charge, finally after the argument they checked for mileage and god knows whether it is fixed or not I still need to empty the tank and check myself.

if you say this to any other service center they will laugh at high charges for everything.

Babu on the other hand is arrogant specimen who does not know how to talk, he is a pest of the first order with no discipline in talking

I do not recommend this service center for anyone, bajaj authorised service center is much better atleast in terms of prices because service is almost same as other service providers.

its just a hype , dont go here and dump your bikes to fools